The importance to proper nights sleep and why snoring is holding you back from getting it

Have you ever wondered why do we actually sleep? There are actually a lot of things that happen. For example, we know that things like your muscles rebuild. We also know that your brain performs a clean up.

We don’t know a whole lot about that process but essentially its like organizing itself. More recently we have learned that your heart also repairs itself during this time.

This was concluded after a study people that get less sleep are more likely to develop heart issues. Not only that but there is a very common chronic condition called sleep apnea.

It usually manifests in the form of snoring. This is when people make noise with their throat while they sleep, to keep it in simple terms.

Most just ignore it. However, it definitely something to look into and resolve it. It might be as simple as getting one of those new mouth device.

A mouth device can improve your sleep and quit snoring. Doesn’t that sound easy to fix? Why don’t more people do it?

The answer is that most of them do not realize how dangerous it can be. People have died in their sleep from similar conditions.

If you are lucky to not experience the fatal consequences, you can develop heart failure over time. This can be just as bad since getting a heart transplant is not easy or cheap.

This also leads to a whole host of other medical issues. The biggest point we would like to make however is that when you snore at night its not letting you sleep all the way.

If your breathing is becoming interrupted at night, you might abruptly wake up. Depending on which part of your cycle it happening, you may not be getting enough rem sleep.

This could be a reason why you wake up tired even though you have slept for hours.